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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  February 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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thousands together to cheer heon tirea tmea t wre' ieidns e eth stitaon binuzzgon t ight htrig hedere rtigher heth in e va . lley t 'rheyeay singor north kea isng lyibo autts iat lest unla. ch danan c rubio runebodft aer a de ebate' hdat rher rgfoet? we bnegiig tonhtit weh thce ra r fo wthe hitee.hous la igst n iht,st wa a rliepubcans th atbl rumed and itt lefar mco r ubio sebruid. th est queion y,toda is howad bly is he erbatted. c hedoulll sti fhinison s tueday hwit our cusauc just twoee wks
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e wt ge thee latstro fm new mphaeshir tonight from steve. >> or rep: terio rube made litf o it today. asat lt ghnit's bade te. hi>> t fsonictit tha prom n'doesknt ow. >> or rep ter:de unir fre he did atrepe. l >>et'sta sitrt wh this fonicti th atac barak obma esdotn'kn ow wh at whehoa 'sindog. >> reporter: he'dis r ento co seinnd someol pls rehe. fr ront runneal donud trmp today. he ththougo t make d wealsith de atmocrs. >> h you taveeo geot p plein, ab gr th,emug h emth,is ks them, an etd g theea dl e.don tbu ist'ot gbe to he tl deaou y ntwa. >> ep rteor r:s iatthea tru t mp ywa i akesd hi m. y>> houe avtoet g ppleoen ieth omrond a andt ge it . done ep>> rr:orte eyth. i >>eys thhe t dy'ton say ttha at >> ep rteor r:on dd alumtr apnd rcmaruo obi spniin. ng w>>t haeth cdiantdaesid sa and tabouha wet ther othnd caesidat id sasn doe't mratte nlyear as
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yisa angutbohe tm tayod ithn e aubeftiul setatf o new shhamp. ire ep>> rr:ortet a thes lobter ,tail two reicpubl. ans s>> a tore whee hwas ingog. he sddm ait ltle ill predepar. >>mp truin makgea ditls wh de crmo ats. 'm>> i ait l ctlernonceedut abo itut b ils aond uaerstnd that we must bepe cooverati. r >>teeporr: ep rcaublins ted cr nduz a j jebebav he a stho at a tr sgon nifi. sh hnjore toranoo tas his rgin llpos rehe. i'm steve lehands. ma hencerste nw mphairsh e. a ewnd ne her at 005: b,ack he tre ae homit wh ourom upcing de atmocricau c ccusg ominup, rs nuesnt spehe t anofteronno kck on d foorsor onvermt'ser bnie nd sa ers. sa anderndla hilliry c antonre gh fi ftingorir f stpl. ace ersandsol hds aon cesistnt ledoub digit le ad. rafte newshhamp,ire theon cstte co hmesere inra nebska could br eak aie t andld buien momtum
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onnati nalsurse udniteor endsed nd sa bers iackn au. gustt' is th eig btges rsnue'sni uon ien th trcouny. >> r we'upe sinportang s ders usbecase a esnurse, we car atbou ou r pntatiends ae hrt spos al heath corre f erev. yone ep>> rr:orte he s's thee latst re leal car ptiolivecs arage of re cento pllsiv ges srsande a 13 tpoind leave orne haw irmpshe. y nan pla toc knok one moroo d rs foran s ndersext enweekd. ll hiclary nintook to aak bre fr omam cnpaiging to vitisit wh th peeeopl ofli fnthi micgan d. ta at thy citco of ursera gnpplig wi hath tugt he water iscris. theyit inved conlinth wita ca lolar epluga to oc lal chchur. s hey praedsi paselonatndy aai sd wshe fillight top helhe t pe wople ithinflt. >> a clen water is not opaltion , myfr. iend
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s iaidee wksg a ioft wha had ee b hnnappe iingn flintad hbe en ha inppenng idi (inniscer)ble in pondt alu be s,hillhi i tnke w kallwnowo we uldav he had a lu so tioneryest day. >> or rep ter:in cleal conled ng co tress oprimapove $3 il00 m ilionmen ecyrgen aid f lior fnt mianchig. > >>unthe nitednsatiocu seri un cocil cleald for actionn i re onsp tse nothor rekoa's ilmisslae . unch rtrepopoer ske withor repters rafte the meg.etin sh ide sa bonody'soo fledy b no korth srea'im claha tt it la chuned a pceealfu oerbstivano sa ac rdcogino the t 1na5 iotn council, the lncauh udsell ialeg nu eaclr thnecogoly ohprteind by ipmultecle syurit cciounl re tisolu ons. sheim clash tsis i a n korthorea rteffo told buiuc nlear rteffos. >> trhei lhaunces yayterdsi ung es predcrib bstalliic milisse
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ilstabity andla vioted the prd, t' sbl oioigatnser undou fr se atpare retisolu. ons mo deatnstr yinget again,t tha th iley wlti con tnueosc eealat iotens inshen t acebsen of a st rong andce forfulpo resnse om fr i thenanteraltion mm coyunit. >> >or accgdino tas amborsad we por pderesiobnt ama,ke spo wi reth pntside of inchaa, sid a st rong andte unid rnsespoe. ey th adgree aes repons sdhoul in eclud a un sitecury cciounl re tisoluon. >> e> wr heare the's a falootbl ga gmeeoug oghn rit now mente w st juf , osecourup, sowerbl l is uwell wnderay as llmi,ionss 10 ofil mslion tuneo int tos ee the ro calina peranthas f oceff ai ag tnsthe robs.ncho t no h atome ort a a iefrnd's reyou'ba problych wating the me ga atyourav feoritr spots . bar th naanoi jnss u livero fhem t ut sosthwe vy alleatrr siea
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annathho, w'st i going out th ere. >>. >> or rep: terd lan inaou cple mi s.nute na (ileudib) you can'tel tlre the aare lotf oro bnchoan fshe re. coyou uldin f ad cleoup oef th nt paher fans. r fa f andew beeetw. n nsdozee havsi pas bondehinat th ba nd th ere. w, noou y'veee snh teti emoons go up d and own. wa i nt toke tat i backer he a li bttleit iearler. ani cno tss ayoure atu wh is ggoin on wthith e game. right now (inaudible) denver is le inadg 13-7. nd(icisniere)bl ahalf. we are hedeado int half. ( scindiblerni de)pror o ud(ina).ible ry veed dteicad etolo folgwin e thfl n orus jt rinoutg fheor t pe sul.rbow ut b home playl wilbe
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it'ssu ually baig prtioducon. (i ibnaud ale)ts thica lo lpub. w e've got aot lf oop pele di de ecated to awi grong mo atresphe. l afot ot tha (scindiblerniae) tlof o tgshinsa to y. (i ibnaud le). ev>> oderyb ay'sro bonchn fa r hee. do tesn' ttmaer. n partereng goi to n.wi >>i o tld myud bdy -621t a lfha. 38and -24 athe t endf othe . game e>> we lovhe t lsloca. anwe whet tm toe com . in a ll we careut abo ispl peoe ha fvingun ando enjying the . game ep>> rr:orte o ss it ia utabo. e thl rea ityis, a lot ofpl peoe e ar drnginki. ve sryeimpl rnsespoitibily h.ere ne owr here,ak m singeur ybever tody mhatight a get li ottlefut o hand orot n able
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is(indibcern tle)ghonist a er evyybod s hit the waroady. y ifavou he . them they do not nedefi(i dinau. ble) lit'l beci spealna (ileudib) t hat t.nigh rasatutionau (ine)diblwe as ll as in (blaudie). >> ha> tounk yry vech mu. il stl ahead here, cg ominup at 5: 00 moread b nsew ien thht fig ag tains thea zik ruvis. an had wt oiafficrels a hgopin to doo tstop the resp. ad nd aoi zernng i on te isrrorts.
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er whee thy pit isseer wereat wher supig poldorip es mefor is ke it theps ode fo. out rebefose thotl litece pioues wgeld bt inenetwede my esntur d anummy g i andst waco untamforble. ajust d fewisabs ni cliycallov proen t osealorut mode fort pas.icle
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>> ne> ot of he most paropul op shgpin crsenten o thees wt de si of wnto. ni to wghte'reea h bringig an chges too b caar pk to ytro t kema big gechans. >> or rep ter: it'sa ou sndt tha 'thasnn bee heard for someme ti in boca . park th eo sund of gechan. i >> ct'snionve ent,herey m bank is rehe. l we cikeecheesake ctfa. ory >> t>rehere ane wen t iantsndn a gr upngadid an paexg.ndin th peaopularr b andat eery set to rneope in astl lite as two sweek. ethes rriendengs rseeleaod t ws neh3 snow a allw neoo l aknd eadd d aacspe. >> ti putng isen a condry sto odeck tverhe pa tio. ait's s two toryo.pati a an einxcitgce pla forht nig li paropul secheecake
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in2008,he t canomphuy stts i or donds, a itspa sce has been pt emvey er si nce. bu t today,e vry new. he>> t ay'reer v nycei orste. so if tshat' his nd (irnisce).ible th i weink el b happyh wit . it ep>> rr:ortehe tuly wo dn't irconfrm o deny. tbut hheyave ledearn serouthn focaliarniin livg t,gianiv ling esspac hasu pserchad the fa tycili. l >> tikehe samen thiig saw wi heth ttr dis tict woandn tow sq ,uare but now t'shereh suc an upge sur and newla pcesch whi is ce nie, wed neh tat for our ec yonom and a newo jb po opitrtun ies. he>> t are's also newff ongeri th watlil oupccyhe t oldor gond erbe rerastaunt. ta de sils utillrnde s.wrap tbu souesrce tll us,ei forgn or bhen sve hails wol s bone mo ving in. ri duheng tn dow onecomy,he tre wa as mi profse ote betray ds ah d.ea bo cw pakar meranag saysse tho da ys a nowrel coserha tn . ever a ndep rngorti for su, it's
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take ae ridit wher graard homal heas ov uncd er ethe open adro. estht the-reydaer ssieec stsre of he t dertse. >> e we'ra bckn oeth adro,nd a is the timre we' south ofas l ga ves. on oneth of ose mtam fous u.s. g hih ways. at thri's ght. erout 66. e'theras lot of sthiyor, but hopelfu tlyrehe a are lot of esecrs ts allwe . rouir fst srytoir as on mdaony and we hopeou yil w jloin us . then >> an> cai't wt to see ifhe tre's a 23sp4r5ilayou yld woue likto seeer graard omalhit vis xne t. ca n't wait to see it. > >> aut beaiful su. nday herear we ce ofe oursryou heweatr thauy,oritat wh'sve or to theth weaeren c aternd j erry ow brn. >> s thildwou a beic ney dao t ke ta a driveow dn . 66
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da ndy ast jul realy egorg ous. withem ttuperareski peang ien th lo w s.70 cu tlrreny 67n o theristp. dswin are t,ligh hitumidy 20%. ve ry cotamfor ble. ptheurresseti con tnueseo b hi gh. raeldo odo,f ne otheme warr -- at 69h wittheo nesrthwt w aindt 5: 00. whmeanile athe t utsoh. a no,rthor nstthwe bereez at se ven. 4it's3 at therl chaonest t.lo d an 63n i hrpa. ump and 60, lookt a atth, 71,ti sll wn doe th ri ver. sit' l baneittl br. eezy thatll wion cuetin to rrtomoow. 63 um63 smer . land 6and8 oinver ri sunsene manr at th e 65 s ae wak te ak loo athe t nd wi eespd,s it' not aot lng goi on. ait ltlere bezyth in e hwnortesten ciatennl hill. git's done sownincee i'v said at th. t bure thee havnbeeez brees th ere. gh his y,toda low0s 7 o uverh
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f in -act- low 70sor fic afran ig hhs. encurrtly 69 out athe t orairpt.rnteoon hi ghs. encurr69tly o n 73 ila. th s ere'tmoisure off the etas co ast. zablizrddi constionr ovear pts of nnmia.esot enotverybody having it as neic as . us we're underh te ueinfl. nce highsupresre, dry and mi,ld atth p'sbaro gbly oingoto h ld ugthroheh ti comng weworkek. sk aiesre r.clea ne orxt m inings a lleittn othe lychil desi. butve ellntuayse tho te atmper auresreod meerats a we ll. o36ivernght low in hrpa ump. to 47 t inahe lke mearin ahn. pe upr s 60toow ler s.70 e ther wasaka line wddv ayisor ffin e fectorak le iiammed atend e thor coladoer riv vyalle to owmorr. er ovtnighni to,ght snaeasoble lchil. 42. ithatus or norm,s a weo lok dahea moto, rrowabhow out
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ne geyrallth in e 5-10es mil per houran rge c youan see. 60 by:0 7m.0 p.d an hsere' a fo streca c youalan fl ine lov wi jth,effll a theay w tghrouh le vae'ntindas y. lo 0sw 7it whpe temreratus rgisin rothhughe t 40s. hmm,us jtut abo ecperft. ck bao t y. ou o n ddkig,inha t ynkouer vy mu . ch prapieceatit . co inmupg . at 5 clo'k.oc am rbe n,dixo has aup swlerbo co sre daupte. an d destail on ah higly an cititepad
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(v so)hop all makes, models and colo irsyon nurgheirhbod.oo.. l althwior w-frye reneowhirsp. adheo turyoei nboghoorh dteenrirp cse saresalnd aet lhe t pe wopleuyho be morclvehies athane.nyon..
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ig rht nowt iis himalften i rbsupeowl 50. de nver leadsol carina . 13-7 thean prsthe cedlos as the 5-5 an hd a palftoin rifavote. i w hillave hiighlghts thtonig at0 11:0 andn ir spots n aightt 11:30. the profootball hall of fame, an unnodce -- its 2015 inductees quarter ckbas. d an gthetreaen kt sab luhr. swho' gotll a tseho pseas fsmro pe onyt an drl odoan psaynd ahe t leat st olan fd ohen tef dvensiie sde heof t bafoot ll. kandnevi onra openstio side. nyto g,atret a the ltco. s
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sthefran scanci fo'sort rsnine. e thla oaknd rrsaide qeruartea wk ss paed ayawin julyh wit mp coatlic rionseelatto ed on col ca . ncer tbut phisast k,weees rheearcrs sa heid o alsfe sufred from nichrocra ticumat ce enopphal. athy ie sctntisels beievep rdeateea hd mtrauaau cseshi tshi ts de ragenetivein bra dseiseat tha ldcouy onl begn diaedosiser aft at deh. ndarouis thm tie,s thi topic, an d cusoncssionme co up a lot. so ied askto docarr chles ve trdicf othe clelavend clicin, atwho d pleeopd nee to owkn? >>. >> h wit cosincus ions,t's gnreconitio andei bngbl aeo t rsunde itandomf syebod has engott acu cononssid ant whathe verecohory s st mopl peoeco reverit w ahoutny leprobm. bu t m,umre the cane bss i ues ldeve fop-dirsteegreou y tryo t comeac book t quyickl.
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a cssoncu iionsoe d hsn'tave to kknoc out. an nd a aatdequeco revery ripeod. >> w> iblas aoe t a ask tbouthis t aa presson cncfereeas l wteek wh erehe ty aunnnoced a $1 li milon dioonat tno tae icclin inpo sup ortef th ercent'sro piofessnal fteighr br haintheal studyha tt's been de unr work there since tleven 20 . 11 th meydean ann ancoue mten about a big ratemch ailpr3r 2 d. fo erm rufcig lht hyeavgh weit am chnpion johon j weslil rrnetu heto t ocgota n. he 's going to t w siptredpim h ofau becfse o hisnv iveolntme in a h ait ndru n. ehon w tathit tnle i . may an d he andon jesa hvelr adea y fo htug. ja arnu oyf ltas year, jeonso wn (bydiinerscblni)en ih tis
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in veactir eveesinc. a ot l of pleeopit exce ed toee s bahim n ck i thetaoc gon. ingettghi c appytme ti fsrom tsfigh kbreaing out. >> e i'vy onln beeat mch iang lelitt tbi. i a'm wnsiscoin myke pacrsn' aret in it. > >> ahnd te pas,cker arey the hi gh inittensy? >> ve eryow n andth en. fo istuf cfsil wl fly. > >an thuk yoy verh.muc lstil d,ahea aaj morlo expsion ck roed ndloon,ea linvgne witsses ee spsschle. n' dot rywere,e wavh tehe th 4wigs0 mete of inpernet s fredenom cnkturyli,a lyfamiur of foll can a beneonlie at thimsame t e,st g,reaming, gaminor nl dow moadingovies. , yeahtethe in grnet's,reat thbut i irink ha mak andeupnt wetl a lito fae to r.ah ye ,'sthator not wking. i pmuchthrefer dae two-ard,y be imhorn-rasmed gl ses, -sjust-in-leptcahis-r thkinda ing. , i yeah tmissplhe rumed y uncrazlocle ok. .okay be ul g "pattiama
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>> ou> yba pro kbly tnow hat ntmome f orngeelil alo to llwe, e thme mont wyohen uli reaze yo u'vet lefet som shingaimilr du yringourra tvels and it's keunliouly y e're gver toingo se te i nagai. t bu inou yr salpeci rrepot,os lt aluggge dgurin mayondh nigt at
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to ala pce whereon g ies de tefiniotly n rgfon.otte r >>teepor ir: ouf y fly a otl, an ch cese,ar youro pybablos lt a abagt one t oimer otan. her wbuthahat sppeno tthe 1% that ne verin fd i wtsay ?home i tlraveed ahell ty wa t tohe ny tiwn to of sttcos broorw al amab ta fodin tehas mivse rewauhoseal cdlenc uimlaed gg ba age. tit's oheynlil facity of its ki n nd ithet unied atstes. an od sig bt, i cveorsn a eirnte cityocblk. f romsidergnean hs dbagto clothing with the tags sllti ,on sp ngorti eqenuipmt,e fin art, andct elecsroni u yoncain f idtll at a unclaimed baggage. >> and you know what, most of cthem fomerom peeopl is(indibcern ile)en thac pk of e that se. r >>teepor cr: gomin m upyonda at s3 newe livat 0,11:0l i'l yshowouat wh ind fou iny m ec sp ialorrept,t los aglugge, mo nndayightt a news3e livat 11 :00. ep>> rr:ortei nyghtls new is ne xt. en th'r weace bker he for news3
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hnew aeret 006:, tanhousds of do sllarin comog to twou snther asnebrka hosc. ols howy theil wle ush tear c teerso om pr sotececien and chtegynolo. d an also aoc dtorte sen enced to jailcc aused o ofverre pbscriing drugs. the itmpacbl thagdav he right re he in sthouner nebraska. h eopou yan co jin us. in fllay toghni t. gbi pslaneip rdpehr tugoh ntcelraon lond toy.da bu tt i'wasntt what i ldooke . like bthey aluetaudio bpeeridg as thepc ugominnt stum frothe up ngcomiac j ckiehan vimoe. th otey g the whole thing on ovide. e thdg briase wse cloto ed all heof tff tra ficheor t fiinlm g. d anethro pcedu prssto ead wa inrn ogn tttwi terhatid sahe t ex ioplossn i ctronleoldnd a eropedat byur ope salci effects . team venehertssle s,eomon lrdones we repr sur aisedhes tay swhe t bu s goi up n fl. ames t shat'm frothe cryountat th ga sve u shpeakes. ares
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